4 strikes in a row

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4 strikes in a row

Getting four strikes in a row is an impressive feat, and it’s also known as a “hambone” or “four-bagger.” This means that you’ve knocked down all of the pins on your first four rolls, and it’s worth 80 points.

It’s a much bigger accomplishment than a “turkey,” which is three strikes in a row and worth 60 points. To achieve this feat, you’ll need to be accurate with your aim and have the right technique to be able to hit all of the pins every time.

With practice, you’ll be able to perfect your bowling skills and maybe even get a few four-baggers in your next game!

Other Strike Names

If you love bowling, you may have heard of the strike, double and turkey – but did you know there are other strike names? Here’s a list of some of the fun names for strikes in bowling:

  1. Two Strikes: Double or Barney Rubble
  2. Three Strikes: Turkey, Sizzling Turkey or Triple
  3. Four Strikes: Four Bagger or Hambone
  4. Five Strikes: Yahtzee or Five Bagger
  5. Six Strikes: Six Pack or Sixer
  6. Seven Strikes: Lucky Seven, Showboat or Seasame Street
  7. Eight Strikes: Octopus or Snowman
  8. Nine Strikes: Golden Nugget or Heaven’s Gate
  9. Ten Strikes: Perfect Game or King Pin
  10. Dutch 200: A game in which strikes and spares are alternated (you need to put the ball between two pins, or slide one pin over into another).

Bowling Score: how to calculate it

Calculating your bowling score is simple and easy. If you’ve managed to get four strikes in a row, you’ll earn a lot of points! The most basic way to calculate your score is to add up the number of pins you’ve knocked down in each frame.

Each pin knocked down earns you a point, while extra points are awarded for strikes and spares. A strike is worth 10 points plus the value of your next two rolls, and a spare is worth 10 points plus the value of your next roll.

To keep track of your score, you can use a bowling score calculator to help you adjust or keep track of your score in any frame. With this tool, you can easily keep track of multiple games, allowing you to compare scores and strive for higher scores each time!

How to Achieve 4 Strikes in a Row?

To achieve four strikes in a row, you need to have a proper hook and aim for the 1, 3, 5 and 9 pins (sequentially tinted red). If you manage to knock down all of these pins with a single throw, you’ve achieved your four-bagger!

The trick is to make sure that you cradle the ball in your arms with your fingers first and then insert your thumb. That way, you can use your arm and wrist to generate the power and accuracy needed to land a strike.

Furthermore, practice makes perfect so don’t be afraid to get out on the lanes and hone your skills. With enough dedication and practice, you’ll be able to achieve four strikes in a row anytime you want!

Tips for Achieving 4 Strikes in a Row

If you want to achieve 4 strikes in a row, there are several tips and techniques to help you out. Firstly, make sure that you are picking up the ball with two hands and cradling it in your arms. Next, make sure that your fingers are in the ball first and then insert your thumb.

This will ensure you have a good grip on the ball for your shots. It is also important to make sure that you are releasing the ball at the same speed and angle each time. This will give you consistency with your shots, which is key for achieving 4 strikes in a row.

Lastly, practice makes perfect! Don’t be afraid to go back to the basics and practice your form until you feel confident with it. With enough practice, you will be able to achieve 4 strikes in a row with ease!


Congratulations! You’ve now got a firm grasp on the concept of 4 strikes in a row, from its other names to how to calculate your score and how to achieve it. With all this knowledge, you’re ready to go out and try for the four-bagger yourself. Just remember the tips we’ve discussed and with practice, you’ll be able to nail that four-bagger in no time. Good luck!