Can You Turn Regular Shoes Into Bowling Shoes

Have you ever been to a bowling alley and wondered if there was a way to use your own shoes instead of the ones provided? If so, this article is for you!

We’ll explore whether it’s possible to convert regular shoes into suitable bowling footwear. Read on to find out how easy, or difficult, it may be.

Do you want to save money by not having to rent shoes every time you go bowling? Then turning your existing shoes into usable bowling gear could be an attractive option – but can it really work?

It turns out that with some modifications, yes – it is indeed possible. You just need to know what adjustments have to be made in order for your shoes to become fit for purpose.

So if you’re looking for ways of getting more bang for your buck when going bowling, then read on!

This article will tell you everything you need to know about making regular shoes suitable for the lanes.

Can You Turn Regular Shoes Into Bowling Shoes?

Can you turn regular shoes into bowling shoes? Yes, it is possible to convert a pair of ordinary footwear into functional bowling shoes.

This process requires some basic materials and time but can be completed relatively easily with the right know-how.

The most important question to answer before beginning this project is whether or not there will be sufficient traction on the sole of the shoe for optimal performance in the bowling alley.

To ensure that your converted shoes are suitable for playing bowling, they must provide an adequate level of grip so that your feet don’t slip when making turns and throwing strikes.

Fortunately, a few modifications can help accomplish this goal without compromising comfort or style. With these adjustments, anyone can take their existing pair of sneakers and transform them into reliable bowling shoes.

How To Convert Regular Shoes Into Bowling Shoes

It is possible to turn regular shoes into bowling shoes, however it takes some skill. To begin with, you must have the right tools and materials for the job – a drill and screwdriver as well as special bowling shoe soles.

With this in mind, let’s explore how one can transform their regular footwear into proper bowling attire:

  • Remove the current sole on your shoes using a screwdriver or pliers.
  • Measure the length of the new sole you purchased against the old sole that was removed from your shoe. If necessary, use a drill to make any adjustments needed so that the new sole fits correctly.
  • Attach the new sole onto your shoe by securing it with screws or bolts. Make sure they are securely fastened!

Given these steps, it should be clear why choosing comfortable yet supportive shoes is important when it comes to enjoying an evening out at a bowling alley.

Not only will having appropriate footwear improve performance but also minimize blisters and discomfort during long periods of playtime. As such, selecting quality gear is essential for both professionals and amateurs alike if they want to bowl without pain or injury.

By taking all factors into consideration before making a purchase decision, customers are sure to find themselves equipped with suitable footwear for their next trip down the lane!

Choose The Right Shoes

When choosing the right shoes for a bowling conversion project, it’s important to consider several factors. One is how comfortable the shoe is when worn; if it feels too tight or loose, that could be a problem.

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure there’s enough room inside the shoe for your foot and any inserts you may need. Lastly, check to see what type of material the sole of the shoe is made from; rubber soles are best as they provide plenty of grip on slick surfaces.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect pair of shoes for your project, you’re ready to start converting them into bowling shoes!

To do this, simply remove the soles from each shoe with a knife or other cutting tool and replace them with new ones designed specifically for use in bowling alleys.

This will help ensure that your converted shoes have enough traction and support while playing.

Remove The Soles

To turn regular shoes into bowling shoes, one must first remove the existing soles. This can be done with a small flat head screwdriver or similar tool to carefully peel off the sole from the shoe.

It’s important to take ones time here and use caution when removing the old soles, as any damage to the shoe itself could ruin your project.

Once all of the original soles have been removed, you’ll be ready to attach the bowling soles.

Attach The Bowling Soles

Once you have sourced the bowling soles, it’s time to attach them. To begin with, ensure the sole is lined up correctly and that everything is level before gluing.

You’ll need a shoe adhesive or super glue for this task. Make sure it’s designed to stick rubber; otherwise, it won’t bond properly. Now apply an even coat of glue around the entire edge of the sole and hold in place until secure.

Once dry, check again to make sure everything has adhered correctly–it should be flat against the main shoe body without any gaps in between. With that done, you can move onto applying glue on the outside edges of the bottom part of your new shoes.

Apply Glue

Yes, you can turn regular shoes into bowling shoes. To make this happen, the next step is to apply glue to attach the soles. Now, we all know that a good adhesive job will give our new kicks longevity.

So let’s get started!

First things first: grab your supplies—glue and an old toothbrush or paint brush should do the trick.

Then go ahead and spread a thin layer of glue onto both surfaces of your shoe sole and bowling sole.

Make sure to cover every nook and cranny so nothing slips off in future frames! Once you are finished with the application process, let it sit for a few minutes to settle before moving on to the final steps.

Letting the glue dry is essential for success!

Let The Glue Dry

Once the glue has been applied, it’s important to let the shoe dry completely. This could take a few hours or overnight depending on how much glue was used and what type of adhesive you chose.

Be sure to check the manufacturer’s directions for drying times. If possible, try not to move the shoe while waiting for it to set so that a strong bond is created between your new soles and existing shoes.

Now that your shoe is dried and ready to go, it’s time to trim any excess material from around the edges of your sole with scissors or an X-acto knife. Taking care to leave no sharp edges behind will ensure safety when playing bowling.

Trim The Edges

Re-purposing regular shoes into bowling shoes is a fun and creative way to save money. Who wouldn’t want that?

After all, the cost of renting or buying a pair of bowling shoes can add up quickly. To begin this project, it’s important to trim any excess material from around the edges of your shoe with scissors.

This will help give the shoe more structure and make it easier for you to adhere new pieces onto it later in the process.

Once you’ve trimmed away any extra fabric, take some sandpaper and gently go over the surface of the shoe. Sanding down rough spots like ridges or bumps helps create an even canvas for applying adhesive materials such as glue or tape.

You’ll be able to tell when you’re done because the surface should feel smooth beneath your fingers – almost like velvet! With this step complete, our DIY bowling shoes are now ready for customization according to personal taste.


The process of turning regular shoes into bowling shoes is not as difficult as it may seem. By following the steps outlined above, anyone can turn their everyday pair of shoes into a perfect fit for the lanes.

It’s like taking an old car and making it look brand new again – with just a few simple adjustments you can transform something ordinary into something extraordinary!

It’s important to take your time when converting regular shoes into bowling shoes so that everything fits perfectly.

If done correctly, you will end up with a comfortable pair of custom-made bowling shoes that are sure to improve your game. And if you’re feeling extra creative, why not add some personal touches such as colorful laces or sparkly soles?

In conclusion, transforming regular shoes into bowling shoes is certainly possible and doesn’t require any special skills or tools.

With patience and attention to detail, you too can create your own personalized pair of bowling footwear – allowing you to feel like ‘the king of the lanes’ in no time at all!