How Are Bowling Balls Drilled?

The vital instrument in the game of bowling is the bowling ball.

It is the single most controllable tool a bowler has when playing a bowling game.

The bowling ball is within your hand, and you manage where it is delivered and how much spin, velocity, and hook.

Perhaps most of you are asking how bowling balls are drilled.

Keep on reading to know the answer.

Why do people drill bowling balls

People drill bowling balls to provide a consistent feel since they’re made of solid components.

This is different than the ball as the core materials and coverstock can differ mainly in feel.

The key to repetition is consistency, and that’s what bowling well is about.

Can i drill my own bowling ball

If you have never bought a new bowling ball in the past, you may be astounded to know that new bowling balls frequently come with no holes drilled in them.

So, if you’re a serious bowling player, it is extremely vital that the configuration of the hole on the bowling ball fits the hand of the user comfortably and is also angled for a superb grip.

Moreover, different depths and hole configurations might change how the bowling ball performs.

Drilling new holes in a ball is normally handled by an expert, and in some instances, that is perhaps the superb approach. But, it is also likely to drill your own bowling ball.

How do you know where to drill a bowling ball

You need to find the PAP or Positive Axis Point.

The pro-store operator can assist you in looking for the positive axis point, the location on the bowling ball equidistant from each point of the track.

There’s one point on the bowling ball, which is a similar distance from each piece of the oil ring in the region of the ball.

Where to get holes drilled in a bowling ball

Holes, distance, and size is the thing that you have to be considered.

The ball driller will measure your fingers and hand and can quickly determine the layout of the proper hole.

The bowling ball is spherical; however, that doesn’t mean the holes are able to go anywhere and provide you with a similar effect.

The location of the holes will instantly impact how the ball performs on the bowling lanes.

How long does it take to drill a bowling ball

After mapping out the span on the ball and drawing a template for the location of the holes, they will pick out the drill bit and continue drilling the holes out.

Additional time in mapping and balancing the bowling ball out for high or exotic performance drillings is required too.

If that is complete, normally, ten minutes extra time is needed if finger grips and thumb slug are installed as the glue has to set.

How do you know if your bowling ball is appropriately drilled

When holes in the new bowling ball are drilled, the beveled, curved, molded, and shaped must fit your gripping thumb and fingers similar to the glove.

How much weight is lost when drilling a bowling ball

On average, the three holes average between two and 2.25 ounces of reduced weight together.

So, I was astounded when some gave 2.1 ounces because the weight was removed for only the finger holes.

Some say it will typically reduce one to two ounces of top weight.

It’s vital to have the expert or pro-shop check the bowling ball after drilling in order to ensure that it is officially permitted. A

fter that, never concern yourself with the number of top weights in the bowling ball.

Does drilling a bowling ball affect performance

The effects on the behavior or performance of the ball would be hardly seen unless the holes in the ball have been drilled deeper than typical or if more mass has been eliminated from the bowling ball’s core. If that is the case, there is a chance of experiencing some ball motion variance.

The proliferation of drilled bowling balls is also extensive, and because of that, if the process had serious effects on behavior, it would not be suggested or done on the scale that it is.

How many times can a bowling ball be drilled

Many of the best equipment has been drilled a lot of times.

Some have a couple that is on their fourth drills.

However, they still hit as well as carry just as well as a new bowling ball.

So, if you ask how many times can your bowling ball be drilled, the answer is as many times you want.

I believe there is no rule against the number of times drilling the bowling ball.

You can drill it as long as you want.

On the other hand, it is still highly advisable to ask an expert regarding this matter.

How much does it cost to drill a bowling ball

Usually, there are two kinds of drilling services you might get from the local pro store or shop such as:

  • Basic drilling service
  • Custom drilling service

The basic service is highly suggested for recreational players who have bought their own bowling ball, while the custom drilling is suggested for people who are more than recreational or casual players.

Basic drilling services can range from $30 to $50, providing you with a traditional layout of the holes with the use of an average for the sizes and span of the hole.

With basic service, since you’re drilling on average measurement, the fit might not be ideal or perfect.

You might require doing some alterations to the size of the hole in order to obtain a good and better fit.


Drilling a bowling ball plays a vital role in protecting it from permanently damaging as well as re-sprouting during drilling.

You can drill the ball on your own, but if you want to obtain a precise size and hole, it is vital to call or contact an expert to do the job on your behalf.