How To Clean Bowling Shoes At Home

The smell of the bowling alley, the sound of the pins crashing down, and the feeling of throwing a strike – these are all integral parts of an enjoyable game.

But what’s not so enjoyable is smelly bowling shoes! Nobody likes having to wear stinky footwear every time they want to go out for a fun round of bowling with their friends.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. With just a few simple steps, you can clean your bowling shoes at home and keep them smelling fresh and ready for your next game.

Warm Water And Dish Soap In A Bowl

Did you know that the average bowler uses two to three pairs of bowling shoes annually? It is important to keep your bowling shoes clean and in good condition.

Cleaning your bowling shoes at home can be done easily with just a few items, such as warm water, dish soap, a bowl, and a shoe brush.

To begin cleaning your bowling shoes, fill the bowl with warm water. Add several drops of dish soap into the mixture for added cleaning power.

Use the shoe brush to distribute the soapy water all over the exterior of both shoes; this will help remove any dirt or dust from the surface. Be sure to scrub around laces and eyelets thoroughly as these areas tend to accumulate more grime than other parts of the shoe.

Afterward, rinse each shoe off completely with fresh cold water and dry them using an absorbent cloth or paper towels until they are no longer damp. This process helps reduce mold and mildew buildup which often occurs when fabric stays wet for extended periods. Now you’re ready to move on to sole cleaning with a wire brush!

Wire Brush For Sole Cleaning

When cleaning bowling shoes at home, a wire brush is one of the essential tools for proper shoe care.

It’s important to keep the soles of your shoes free from dirt and debris that accumulate over time. To use a wire brush on your bowling shoes:

  • Gently scrape away any stuck-on debris using sweeping motions across the sole of each shoe.
  • For stubborn stains or embedded material, apply more pressure when brushing in circular movements until it’s removed.
  • Allow both pairs of shoes to air dry in a cool, dry place after brushing them off with the wire brush.

To ensure longer lasting comfort and performance while wearing your bowling shoes, it’s also recommended to make sure they are completely clean before storing them away between uses. A microfiber towel can be used for basic cleaning prior to using the wire brush for deeper cleaning.

Microfiber Towel For Basic Cleaning

After using a wire brush to remove embedded dirt, the next step is to clean your bowling shoes with a microfiber cloth.

The goal here is to make sure that you don’t touch the molds on the shoe while cleaning it. Start by gathering all of the materials needed: a bowl of warm water and grab a fresh microfiber towel.

Dip the towel into the water and wring out any excess moisture before wiping down the surface of your bowling shoe. Make sure that you are thoroughly cleaning each area, paying special attention to areas where dirt has built up over time.

Once complete, allow your shoes to dry in a cool place for several hours before wearing them again. Now you can move onto the bucket, water, and towel method for more thorough cleaning!

Bucket, Water, And Towel Method

Cleaning your bowling shoes at home is easy and doesn’t require any special cleaning supplies. Begin by gathering a bucket of water, washing machine, air dryer, soapy water and a washcloth.

Fill the bucket with warm soapy water and submerge your bowling shoes in it for several minutes before scrubbing them gently with the washcloths. Once you’re finished scrubbing, rinse off the soap thoroughly in cold running water to prevent damage to any leather or fabric components.

Now grab a fresh towel and pat down your shoes until they are completely dry. If there are still some tough stains left over after this process, try using hand soap or detergent on those areas specifically.

This will help ensure that no dirt remains trapped in these hard-to-reach places and keep your bowling shoes looking like new!

Hand Soap Or Detergent For Tough Stains

Using hand soap or detergent is an effective way to clean your bowling shoes. It can help to loosen tough stains and wash away dirt and grime.

Begin by filling a sink with warm water, then add either hand soap or detergent that’s designed for washing clothes. Submerge the shoes in the soapy solution and let them soak for about 10 minutes before gently scrubbing away any remaining dirt with a sponge or brush.

Rinse off the suds from the shoe until it runs clear of soap, before removing it from the water and allowing it to dry completely.

To finish cleaning your shoes, you’ll need to remove dust and debris by brushing them down with a soft-bristled brush. This will help keep your bowling shoes looking as good as new!

Brushing To Remove Dust And Debris

Once the tough stains have been successfully removed from the bowling shoes, it’s time to dust off the shoes. A standard bowling shoe brush can be used for this purpose.

Also known as a crepe brush, it has bristles that are firm enough to remove dirt and debris but soft enough not to damage the surface of the shoes.

Simply take the brush and gently rub over the exterior surfaces of each shoe in order to dislodge any dirt or other particles that may have accumulated on them.

The brushing should be done with light strokes so that there is no hard rubbing action against the material of the shoe. Once both pairs of shoes have been adequately brushed off, it’s time to move onto sanitizing them using lysol or dettol spray.

Use Of Lysol Or Dettol Spray For Sanitization

Perfectly polished pins are paramount for passionate bowlers. Clean bowling shoes are also a must in order to protect and prevent the spread of any germs or bacteria. The use of Lysol or Dettol spray can be an effective method of sanitizing:

  • They both kill 99.9% germs and viruses, including COVID-19 strains;
  • Both sprays have been independently tested and certified safe by organizations such as EPA & FDA;
  • They are readily available in most convenience stores and pharmacies;
  • Lysol has added benefits such as controlling mold and mildew growth on hard surfaces.

Using either product is a great way to ensure that your bowling shoes remain clean, healthy, and odorless.

To do so, simply spray directly onto the surface of your shoes in a well ventilated area until they’re completely covered with a light mist before wiping off with a damp cloth.

With these simple steps you can enjoy a germ free game every time! Next up we’ll take a look at whether regular shoe cleaners can be used instead.

Can I Use Regular Shoe Cleaners To Clean My Bowling Shoes?

Yes, you can use regular shoe cleaners to clean your bowling shoes. However, it is important to note that some of the chemicals used in regular shoe cleaners may be damaging to the materials and leather of the bowling shoes.

It is best to avoid bleach and strong solvents when cleaning bowling shoes as they could cause harm.

To ensure that your bowling shoes stay in good condition for longer periods of time, professional bowlers recommend using a mild soap or detergent with water and a soft cloth for cleaning.

This will help remove any dirt or grime from the surface without causing damage. Additionally, try to avoid getting any mildew or green mold on your bowling shoes which can occur if they are not completely dried out after being washed.

After washing them, make sure to let them air dry in your room rather than using a machine dryer which could also potentially damage the material of your shoes.


It’s important to keep your bowling shoes clean for a better performance.

Cleaning them at home can be easy and cost-efficient if you have the right materials like warm water, dish soap, wire brush, microfiber towel, bucket, hand soap or detergent. With these tools you should be able to remove dust and debris from your shoes as well as tough stains with minimal effort.

Sanitizing is an essential step that cannot be ignored when cleaning bowling shoes. Lysol or Dettol spray would do the job perfectly fine in this regard. Regular shoe cleaners may not provide satisfactory results so it’s best to stick with specific products made for bowling shoes maintenance.

So there you go! Don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back once you’re done with the entire process of effectively cleaning your bowling shoes at home. It won’t take long before they look brand new again! And who knows – maybe after all this hard work your game will improve even further?