Is bowling a dying sport

In recent times, there has been a dominant tendency to think that bowling is becoming a sport that is dying quite rapidly, though it once had been rather popular for many decades.

One indicator that seems to be present among the evidence of bowling becoming a dying sport is the fact that mostly the left handed bowlers are winning and many right handed bowlers are not winning many games.

Also, those who had competed regularly are not competing as much in recent time, with most of those who had been serious about bowling at one time making great strides in successfully earning their income from their bowling endeavors back in the decades of the 1980s and 1900s.

There may be the tendency for a large majority of people to present just one reason as an indication of why bowling seems to be dying away as a sport.

However, we approach the issue of bowling being a dying sport based on a conglomeration of the presence of several factors that should be taken into consideration.

Why is bowling a dying sport?

We proceed now to address the issue of why bowling is appearing to be on the bow of becoming a dying sport.

Therefore, we take the position that bowling is on a downward spiral as a result of several factors.

We hold the viewpoint that this is a more rational approach.

For your benefit and consideration, we mention these various factors.

There has been a dramatic increase in regard to the number of alternatives for various types of entertainment.

Back in the year of 1988, we told you that there was no existing internet.

Many video games that people are addicted to at this current time were not around back then.

There was no Facebook as well. Most of the children found it thrilling to play outside.

It was in the year of 1985 that Nintendo was introduced.

However, it was not a mass market item at that time.

Many adults played card games. Children spent time involved in board games.

But today, there is so much on television, then there is the internet and there is Playstation.

If you like options, then there is also Xbox and there are shoot games that are designed for multi-players that permit as many as one hundred people at a given time to join in the action.

In fact, someone in America can be playing games with other participants as far away as Sweden, France or Japan.

It just seems that humans have more and more become satiated with an almost insatiable need for a high level of entertainment on a frequent basis.

Hence, this leads to the comprehension regarding the issue of why athletes earn much more money in comparison to highly skilled doctors as well as surgeons.

People crave entertainment and there most certainly has been a dramatic increase in regard to having access to more sources of entertainment at this present time.

The cost is expensive.

In past times, it was possible to be able to enjoy three games of bowling for a cost of only twenty-five cents.

That cost included the shoes, which was a pretty great deal.

At this current time, the cost of bowling for one game is set at seven dollars.

As a result, a person would now expect to pay a cost of around thirty dollars each week in order to be able to bowl.

The only ones who have the chance to get their money returned to them are those who are in the top three performing teams.

You may be in a league where you come in the fourth position where there are a total of eighteen teams and yet experience the loss of your money.

While it is realized that bowling is categorized as a sport that is truly competitive, it is comprehensible that no person has a desire to sense that they are always making donations with their dollars that they work hard to earn.

Advances in technology have contributed to producing changes in the realm of scoring.

A key perception is that those who bowl only a few times per month can actually enter into competitions that PBA bowlers are entering as a result of the equipment that is being used in bowling has experienced major improvements and advancements over the years.

In fact, there was a high average of 210 that was achieved by someone in a league who had decided to engage in the usage of a Urethane ball.

At this present time, it is not an uncommon thing to view averages that are in the high range of the 240s.

The truth of the matter is that sometimes it is possible to see even higher averages.

As a result of the resin bowling balls that are supremely reactive being so powerful, there is not always a necessity to make contact with the pocket in order to be able to achieve a strike in some instances.

With the reality that many individuals sense that they no longer have the opportunity to really compete, this leads to the outcome of them ceasing their efforts to try to compete.

This has impacted a league possessing twenty-four teams to drop down to possessing eighteen teams.

This all transpired within the period of just one year.

The teams at the base of the spectrum left the league due to the fact that they had an average of 180 and were not up to competing any longer.

They sensed that they were simply putting their dollars in the trash and left off with bowling completely.

They felt left behind by the equipment and the game and they were not willing to put forth the effort and time to engage in the need for relearning various aspects of bowling.

It is not very popular to be able to truthfully say in regard to other sports that it is possible for those who are amateurs to be able to engage in competitions that the pros were participating in.

A bowler in a league may not be able to beat the best superstar pro bowler in all games.

However, it could be possible for the bowler in the regular league to be able to achieve an average that could turn out high enough to be able to win a few games over the superstar pro bowler.

It cannot be denied that there is a distinction in the level of the skill of a bowler from a regular league and a superstar pro bowler.

However, the creation of the kind of bowling balls that we have in existence today generates the sensation among bowlers from regular leagues that they have the capacity to be able to enter into competitions where professional bowlers are participating.

Left handed players versus right handed players

Those who are left handed players of bowling really do possess an advantage that is natural.

They should not be blamed for it or for the fact that the majority of people on the planet are right handed.

This means that the right side of the lane will undergo the process of drying out in a much quicker amount of time than the left side of the lane.

This makes it necessary for a quicker phase of adjustment for those who are right handed players and they must do so with a higher level of efficiency than those who are left handed players.

Those who are left handed tend to hold some sensitivity toward this matter, but this is a reality that is not going to disappear.

People have a desire to win now.

There is no disputing the fact that we are in the era of a generation that has a massive problem with attention deficit.

People possess a desire to be able to win immediately.

It is quite common that a large majority of individuals possess no desire to put forth the effort into practicing to get better at bowling.

In other words, they are not willing to work hard in order to see real improvements.

Yes, all people desire to be winners.

On the other hand, in such cases that they are losers in the game of bowling, they love to point out that it is the fault of others that they lost.

They may indicate that the lanes are made to be too difficult on purpose.

They may indicate that someone wins as a result of being left handed and may act that it is not fair to have to play in a game with someone who is left handed.

They may think that it is unfair that a bowler used new equipment for a game.

They may blame the pattern of the oil. They may blame a previous league for drying out the stuff.

They may say that they experienced a tough day on the job.

They may come up with other lame ideas such as they stubbed a toe, there was the presenting of too high of a handicap or the approaches seemed to be too slippery at the time.

Yes, there is an abundance of excuses that people come up with.

It is quite rare these days to hear someone realistically say that the lanes were decent, that all aspects were okay and that the person simply did not perform at their best level.

Many people tend to have no desire to be accountable for their performance and actions.

They really do not wish to be straightforward in the fact that they are not great at bowling.

They want to be perceived as being great and they have a strong desire to win immediately.

If they do not experience winning games of bowling, they decide to drop out of the sport.

The future of this sport

The future of this sport looks like it is dying away to a great level.

This is based on a wide assortment of reasons and not only one segregated reason.

However, a strong reason is that there are so many other forms of entertainment for people to choose from.

There will likely continue to be a decline in the size of leagues.

Bowling places will experience the closure of their premises.

There may not be much that people can do about it, but we can take the time to enjoy it while it is here.


If you put your heart and mind into it, you can enjoy bowling.

There are several reasons that we have presented why this is a dying sport.

But you can be in on the action of doing your best at bowling while it is still around-if you really want to.