Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy 

Scope. ULTIMATEINDOORSPORTS.COM has devised the following privacy policy as it takes your privacy very seriously. This policy relates to the manner in which ULTIMATEINDOORSPORTS.COM handles your personal information obtained via the use its of website, namely, or through the website of any of its affiliated entities, parent, subsidiary or related entities (“Site”).

About Us. ULTIMATEINDOORSPORTS.COM is a legal blog with a mission to share real and practical knowledge about law and business. We provide useful tips, guides, information, reviews and insights into the world of indoor sports, answering questions related to bowling, ice hockey and so on as well as reviews of products and places to play sports.

Personal Information. Personal information is any information that can be used to identify you and may be unique to you, namely, your name, email address, address, phone number, or any other information not otherwise public relating to you.

Collected Information via Site. ULTIMATEINDOORSPORTS.COM may obtain personal information about you through your use of our Site or through your utilization and navigation of our Site.

User Information. When you use ULTIMATEINDOORSPORTS.COM’s Site you may register, enroll, submit, attach files, complete online forms, answer online questions, complete online questionnaires or provide information about yourself through other methods allowing ULTIMATEINDOORSPORTS.COM to provide you the required service or support (“User Information”). In this manner, we may collect any related personal information about you such as identity information, personal data or any other information relating to you that may be required for the rendering of our services or to allow us to respond to your inquiry.

Navigation Information. In addition to information that you will submit to us directly, we also gather, collect and analyze information relating to your use of our Site and the manner in which you interact with our Site. We may collect information such as the Internet Protocol you have used to access our Site, your Internet provider, time you have accessed our Site, the pages that you have visited, the duration that you were on each Site page, any document or material downloaded or other (“Navigation Information”). ULTIMATEINDOORSPORTS.COM may analyze all Navigation Information in order to enhance and improve its Site, products and services. This information is used for benchmarking purposes, identifying enhancements to usability of the Site, products and services, and generally operating the Site.

Site Analytics: ULTIMATEINDOORSPORTS.COM’s Site uses Google Analytics, a Web audience measurement tool. To collect information concerning your navigation on this site, Google Analytics uses cookies, which are kept on servers located primarily in the United States. Google may transmit this information to third parties if legally required to do so, or if these third parties process the data on its behalf.

Intended Use. ULTIMATEINDOORSPORTS.COM may utilize User Information and/or Navigation Information to provide you with services, maintain its Site, provide you with any relevant account information, provide you with information about our products and services or to provide you customer services and/or support. We continually strive to improve our offering and provide you with the utmost quality in product and service. Furthermore, ULTIMATEINDOORSPORTS.COM may use the User Information and/or ULTIMATEINDOORSPORTS.COM does not use your information for any other purpose than to render services to you and enhance its offering.

Information Sharing. We do not sell or share any information relating to you with any third party unless they are bound by confidentiality terms intended to protect your information. ULTIMATEINDOORSPORTS.COM works with various suppliers, marketers, buyers and sellers of media and vendors (“Vendors”) to dispense its services or license its Technology and it in this process, third party Vendors and their authorized representatives may access or process your personal information. We do not share any information unless we have validated that such Vendor is a confirmed vendor of ULTIMATEINDOORSPORTS.COM and that they are made aware of the confidentiality obligations contained herein. Third parties may be collaborators, lawyers, interns, employees, consultants, IT service providers, designers, webmasters, marketing service agencies, media agencies, affiliates, partners or others of ULTIMATEINDOORSPORTS.COM. In no instance will ULTIMATEINDOORSPORTS.COM share your information to third parties unless it is necessary to render our services to you, ULTIMATEINDOORSPORTS.COM has validated the purpose and scope of access and the ultimate purpose will be for the advancement of the ULTIMATEINDOORSPORTS.COM business offerings to you.

Related Entities. ULTIMATEINDOORSPORTS.COM may share your information with any entity part of its group, such as its parent, subsidiary, affiliate, or other including their authorized representatives. In the event of a change of control, merger, reorganization or transfer of assets, ULTIMATEINDOORSPORTS.COM may transfer your personal information to the successor operating entity or entity entrusted with the operations of ULTIMATEINDOORSPORTS.COM and shall require that the successor entity be bound by terms no less restrictive than the terms outlined herein.

Legal Disclosure. In the event ULTIMATEINDOORSPORTS.COM is compelled by law or subpoena to disclose your User Information, we will do so by following the legal requirements and obligations. We shall notify you prior to disclosing any information. Should you intend to contest the disclosure, you are required to assume and indemnify ULTIMATEINDOORSPORTS.COM for any and all fees, charges, damages, costs and penalties that ULTIMATEINDOORSPORTS.COM may incur, including reasonable attorney fees, if you exercise your right to defend the legal disclosure. ULTIMATEINDOORSPORTS.COM shall act in such a way as to reasonably protect your information while meeting its legal obligations. Should it be required to disclose your information to comply with the law, it shall do so without any liability to you of any kind.

Opt-Out. You have the right not to share any personal information to ULTIMATEINDOORSPORTS.COM. In such eventuality, ULTIMATEINDOORSPORTS.COM may not be able to process your request and/or provide you with its services or it may be hampered in its ability to provide you with any service, support or respond to your inquiry or for you to use our Site. You must disable the cookies on your web browser. With respect to the non-personal information collected through our Technology, you may turn off your mobile device’s access to the sensors, on a per-application basis. This will prevent any sensory data from being transmitted by your device.

Legal Age. ULTIMATEINDOORSPORTS.COM will only provide services to individuals of legal age and no less than 18 years of age or entities represented by individuals of no less than 18 years of age. If you are under the legal age, you must immediately cease using our Site and/or providing us any information about yourself. In the event we have reasons to believe that you are below the age of 18, we will immediately cease offering you with services of any kind.

Deletion. At any time, you have the right to ask that we delete or remove your information from our records. You must request the deletion or removal of your information by writing to us at [email protected].  You must provide us with your full name, email address, contact information and a clear statement that you wish that we delete or remove your information. In such a context, you agree and acknowledge that we may no longer be able to provide you with our services and you must immediately cease using our Site.

Retention Obligations. We will keep a backup or archival copy of your information on record in order to comply with our legal obligations. You have the right to also ask ULTIMATEINDOORSPORTS.COM to provide you with a copy of any information pertaining to you that we may have on file by submitting a written request to [email protected]. Your request will be processed within thirty (30) days from the receipt thereof.

Security Measures. In addition to protecting your personal information, we strive to ensure the security of your information as well. ULTIMATEINDOORSPORTS.COM has implemented reasonable organizational measures to safeguard and protect your information from illegal or unauthorized access. By submitting information on our Site or by receiving an email from our Site, you understand and recognize that your information may be exposed and at risk and we are unable to apply security measures in the context of such information transmissions.

Security Standards. We use third-party vendors in offering ULTIMATEINDOORSPORTS.COM hosting services or web design that have implemented reasonable and industry-standard security measures. ULTIMATEINDOORSPORTS.COM applies industry-standard security measures such as encryption and secure hosting services.

Amendments. ULTIMATEINDOORSPORTS.COM may modify or update this present policy and updating such modifications or amendments on its Site. Upon publication on our Site, the modification or amendment shall take effect.


Inquiries. For any questions, inquiries or concerns, you may communicate with us by writing to [email protected].