What Ice Hockey Team Is in Manitoba?

Manitoba, a province nestled in the heartland of Canada, is a haven for hockey enthusiasts. From professional teams like the Winnipeg Jets to university and junior teams, Manitoba offers a diverse landscape for the sport.

With a rich hockey culture and passionate fans, this article explores the hockey teams that call Manitoba home. Whether you’re looking for professional action or aspiring to play at the university or junior level, Manitoba has something to offer for every hockey lover.

Professional Hockey Teams in Manitoba

The professional hockey teams in Manitoba include the Winnipeg Jets and the Manitoba Moose.

The history of hockey in Manitoba dates back several decades, with the original Winnipeg Jets being established in 1972. Although the team struggled in the NHL, they had success in the World Hockey Association, winning three titles in seven years. The team eventually moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1996.

However, hockey returned to Manitoba in 2011 with the establishment of the new Winnipeg Jets. Since then, the team has had notable players and has made the playoffs multiple times, reaching the Conference Finals in 2018.

The impact of these hockey teams on the local community is significant. They provide entertainment, unity, and a sense of belonging, while also contributing to the local economy through ticket sales, merchandise, and tourism.

Success of the Original Jets (1972-1996)

An era of both triumph and challenge defined the Original Jets (1972-1996)’s tenure in Manitoba’s hockey history. While the team achieved great success in the World Hockey Association (WHA), winning three titles in seven years, they faced struggles upon joining the National Hockey League (NHL).

The Original Jets’ highest regular season finish in the NHL was second in their division. They made the playoffs 12 times but only reached the second round twice.

Despite these challenges, the team boasted notable players such as Teemu Selanne and Dale Hawerchuk, who left a lasting impact on the franchise’s history. Other famous players who donned the Original Jets jersey included Bobby Hull and Shane Doan.

The Original Jets’ journey in the NHL may have been challenging, but their legacy and contribution to Manitoba’s hockey heritage are undeniable.

Success of the New Winnipeg Jets (2011-Present)

Since 2011, the New Winnipeg Jets have experienced notable success in the NHL. Placing second in their division twice during the regular season, the team has demonstrated their competitiveness. They have also made the playoffs six times, reaching the Conference Finals in 2018.

This success can be attributed to the importance of teamwork within the organization. The Jets have assembled a roster of talented players, including Blake Wheeler and Mark Scheifele, who have contributed to the team’s achievements.

Additionally, the impact of coaching on team success cannot be overlooked. The coaching staff has played a crucial role in guiding and developing the players, creating a winning culture within the organization.

The combination of skilled players and effective coaching has propelled the New Winnipeg Jets to their impressive achievements in the NHL.

Other Hockey Teams in Manitoba

Other hockey teams in Manitoba include:

  • The Winnipeg Jets (NHL) are the professional team in Manitoba, competing in the Central Division of the NHL’s Western Conference. Notable players include Teemu Selanne and Dale Hawerchuk.
  • The Manitoba Moose (AHL) is the American Hockey League affiliate of the Winnipeg Jets. They play their home games at the Bell MTS Place in Winnipeg. Fans can find the Manitoba Moose AHL schedule online.
  • The Brandon Wheat Kings (WHL) is a major junior ice hockey team based in Brandon, Manitoba. They are part of the Western Hockey League and have a strong fan base in the region.
  • The Manitoba Bisons (D1 University) is the hockey team representing the University of Manitoba. They compete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division 1. The team consists of talented players who represent their university in intercollegiate competitions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Different Levels of Hockey Teams in Manitoba?

There are several levels of hockey teams in Manitoba, including professional, university, and junior teams. Manitoba is home to teams in the NHL, AHL, WHL, as well as junior development leagues that contribute to player development.

Are There Any University Hockey Teams in Manitoba?

Yes, there are university hockey teams in Manitoba. The Manitoba university hockey league features teams from various universities in the province. These teams compete against each other in organized leagues and tournaments.

Can You Provide Some Information About High School Hockey Leagues in Manitoba?

High school hockey leagues in Manitoba play a vital role in developing young talent. Coaches focus on physical fitness and skill development to prepare players for higher levels of competition.

How Many Teams Are There in the Manitoba Junior Hockey League?

The Manitoba Junior Hockey League consists of 12 teams competing for the championship. The league standings reflect the teams’ performances and determine playoff qualification. Each team strives to excel and showcase their talent in pursuit of victory.

Are There Any Notable Players From Manitoba Who Have Had Successful Careers in the Nhl?

There have been several notable players from Manitoba who have had successful careers in the NHL. They have made a significant impact on the local hockey community and have paved the way for future prospects from Manitoba to succeed in the NHL.


In conclusion, Manitoba’s hockey landscape is thriving with a variety of professional, university, and junior hockey teams.

The Winnipeg Jets, Manitoba Moose, and Brandon Wheat Kings are just a few of the teams that contribute to the province’s rich hockey culture.

With a deep passion for the sport, Manitoba continues to produce talented players and make a significant impact in the hockey landscape of Canada.