What Is The Triple Crown In Bowling

Do you know what it takes to achieve the Triple Crown in bowling? It’s one of the most prestigious accomplishments a bowler can achieve, and only a select few have attained it.

In this article, we’ll dive into what exactly the Triple Crown is and how it’s achieved.

The Triple Crown in bowling refers to winning three major tournaments: The USBC Masters, the U.S. Open, and the PBA World Championship.

These tournaments are considered to be the most challenging events in professional bowling, with top players from around the world competing for coveted titles and substantial prize money.

Winning all three of these events is no easy feat, but those who do so join an elite group of bowlers who have achieved greatness on the lanes.

The USBC Masters

You’re going to want to get your hands on a ticket for the USBC Masters if you’re looking for an intense and exciting competition in the world of bowling.

This tournament is one of three events that make up the prestigious Triple Crown in professional bowling. It features a challenging tournament format that requires bowlers to adapt to changing lane conditions and showcase their skills under pressure.

The USBC Masters has been held annually since 1951, making it one of the oldest and most respected tournaments in bowling. Notable champions include some of the biggest names in the sport, such as Earl Anthony, Mark Roth, and Pete Weber.

These players have demonstrated their ability to navigate through difficult oil patterns and perform at their best when it matters most. To win the USBC Masters, a bowler must first qualify for match play by competing in several rounds of qualifying matches.

The top 63 bowlers then face off against each other in a single-elimination bracket format until only one champion remains standing. With its high level of competition and unique tournament structure, this event is a must-see for any serious fan of bowling.

The U.S. Open

You’ve arrived at the final leg of the prestigious tournament, where top players from around the country gather to compete for the ultimate prize – The U.S. Open.

This tournament is one of three major events that make up the Triple Crown in bowling, along with the USBC Masters and PBA National Championship.

The U.S. Open has a long and storied history dating back to 1941.

The format of The U.S. Open is known for its challenging lane conditions, making it one of the toughest competitions in professional bowling.

In fact, only five bowlers have ever won all three legs of the Triple Crown, with none achieving this feat since 2003.

To win The U.S. Open requires not only technical skill but mental toughness as well.

Despite its difficulty, The U.S. Open remains a highly anticipated event each year for both fans and players alike.

With a rich history and demanding format, it continues to showcase some of the best talent in professional bowling today – making every moment on those lanes count towards achieving greatness.

The PBA World Championship

If you’re looking for a challenging and exciting tournament, the PBA World Championship is definitely worth checking out. This prestigious event is organized by the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) and draws some of the best bowlers from around the world.

The championship has been held annually since 1959 and features a grueling format that tests every aspect of a bowler’s skill. The PBA World Championship consists of multiple rounds, each with its own unique challenges.

The initial qualifying round involves six games on different oil patterns, which are designed to test the players’ ability to adjust their shots based on changing lane conditions. From there, only the top 24 players move on to round two, where they compete in an eight-game block before being cut down to just 16.

The final rounds of the PBA World Championship include head-to-head matchups between some of the best bowlers in the world. These matches are played under high-pressure conditions and require precise execution from start to finish.

For those who love bowling or simply appreciate competitive sports at their highest level, there’s nothing quite like watching these intense battles unfold live or on television.

Achieving the Triple Crown

To achieve the ultimate accomplishment in professional bowling, you’ll need to win three specific tournaments – do you have what it takes to join the elite group of Triple Crown winners?

The Triple Crown in bowling is composed of three major events: the US Open, the PBA World Championship, and the Tournament of Champions. These tournaments are considered as prestigious and highly-competitive because they require exceptional skills, stamina and mental toughness from players.

If you want to be a Triple Crown winner, you must be able to compete at a high level consistently. Not only do these competitions require a player’s physical prowess but also their ability to adjust to different oil patterns on various lanes.

Winning one or two of these events is already an extraordinary feat; however, winning all three solidifies a bowler’s reputation as one of the best in history. Only five bowlers have ever achieved this remarkable feat since its inception in 1961.

Earl Anthony was the first person to accomplish this feat in 1975 while Jason Belmonte was the most recent addition to this exclusive club in 2020.

Winning all three tournaments involves years of dedication and training plus an enormous amount of patience and perseverance – making it one of the most challenging achievements not only in bowling but also in sports history.

Bowlers Who Have Won the Triple Crown

Only a select few bowlers have achieved the ultimate accomplishment in their sport by winning all three major events, solidifying their reputation as some of the best players in history. The Triple Crown consists of winning the US Open, USBC Masters, and PBA Tournament of Champions. These events are considered the most prestigious tournaments in professional bowling, requiring different strategies and skills to win.

The first bowler to complete the Triple Crown was Billy Hardwick in 1963. Since then, only 10 other bowlers have accomplished this feat: Mike Aulby, Johnny Petraglia, Pete Weber (twice), Norm Duke (twice), Chris Barnes, Mike Scroggins, Wes Malott, Bill O’Neill, Jason Belmonte (three times), and EJ Tackett. Each of these bowlers has left a lasting legacy on the sport.

Winning any one of these events is a significant achievement for any professional bowler. However, winning all three requires immense skill and dedication to the craft.

The Triple Crown is not just about individual success but also represents an acknowledgment from peers that you are among the best of the best. Only time will tell who will join this exclusive club next and continue to shape Triple Crown history.


Congratulations! Now that you know what the Triple Crown in bowling is, you can appreciate the remarkable feat it is to achieve it. Winning these three prestigious events requires a high level of skill, strategy, and mental toughness.

As they say, "the proof of the pudding is in the eating." In other words, achieving this impressive accomplishment is not easy, and only a select few have managed to do so.

If you’re up for the challenge and willing to put in the work, then go ahead and chase your dream of winning the Triple Crown. Who knows? You might just become one of the elite bowlers who have accomplished this feat.