What type of flooring is used in bowling alleys?

What Type of Flooring is Used in Bowling Alleys_3

Bowling alleys are the hardest on flooring in commercial settings. A typical 16-pound bowling ball rolls down the lanes every time someone plays. Some bowling balls even bounce a few times before making their way toward the pins. Most bowling alley flooring always seems to be in excellent condition. Bowling alleys take a beating, so … Leggi tutto

Does Bowling ball Color Matter?

does bowling ball color matter

Bowling ball color is a bit of a mystery. Often, the bowling alley will match your shoe color with your ball, but that’s about it. This article sheds some light on this mysterious topic by answering some questions about how color affects bowling and whether or not it matters if you choose a certain color … Leggi tutto

How to Clean Bowling Shammy Pad

How to Clean Bowling Shammy Pad

Bowling ball shammy pads are a must-have accessory for any serious bowler. These pads allow you to clean your ball or oil it without making a mess on the lane. If you take care of your bowling equipment, including your shammies, you’ll be able to keep playing for years without worrying about broken equipment or … Leggi tutto

How Are Bowling Balls Drilled?

How Are Bowling Balls Drilled

The vital instrument in the game of bowling is the bowling ball. It is the single most controllable tool a bowler has when playing a bowling game. The bowling ball is within your hand, and you manage where it is delivered and how much spin, velocity, and hook. Perhaps most of you are asking how … Leggi tutto

How to Plug a Bowling Ball

How to Plug a Bowling Ball

Pugging is the process of filling holes on a bowling ball so that its weight is lessened. This makes it easier to throw as it will be easier to control and make your ball more aerodynamic. It can also help you avoid injuries as it can cause damage if any sharp edges or corners are … Leggi tutto